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About Us


At Neuroharmony we provide specialist advice and support to develop a deeper more personalised understanding of autism, ADHD and anxiety.  We draw upon our personal and professional experiences to deliver a flexible and bespoke approach. Access to our support and services is not dependent on meeting certain thresholds or specific diagnoses.

We recognise that all children and young people thrive when they feel safely connected and understood. Our aim is to create broader recognition and understanding that relational safety and connection is paramount

Our Approach

Underpinning our approach is an understanding of the mind body connection and the adaptive human responses we observe.

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Families First

We work with the whole family to empower parents so that they can help their child in moments of challenge and distress.

Providing support in the home environment, allows us to become familiar with the unique dynamic of each family. This enables us to respond to the needs of the family in a compassionate and holistic way.



  • Anxiety

  • Parental support and advice.

  • Advice on the diagnostic pathway 

  • Sibling support and advice

  • PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) 

  • Organisations

  • Education Settings

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