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Underpinning our approach is an understanding of the mind body connection and the adaptive human responses we observe.

Our Approach

Our approach is informed by the Polyvagal Theory of Dr Stephen Porges. Dr Porges is a world leading expert in the field of Neuroscience. We attended training delivered by Dr Porges which provided us with the scientific framework to support our intuition when responding to children or young people.


The Polyvagal Theory

The Polyvagal Theory explains dysregulated behaviours as unconscious emotional responses. His work explains the science of social and emotional responses through safety and connection or threat and protection. The Polyvagal Theory has been particularly influential in the growth and understanding of developmental trauma and attachment. 

 Theory in Practice 

The Polyvagal Theory allows us to understand the individual behavioural responses of the child or young person. This knowledge enables us to consider the emotional responses of children regardless of their experiences. We work with a range of children including those experiencing anxiety and dysregulation due to bereavement and post-adoption, as well ADHD/Autism. We provide specialist support without the need for formal diagnosis.  

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